NEW COURSE: PER-372 High Consequence Incidents: Crude Oil and Ammonium Nitrate

The Planning and Response to High Consequence Incidents training program has been developed with the whole community in mind. Emergency responders, emergency managers, facility and rail personnel, as well as community members are provided with information on the hazards associated with: the transport of crude oil by rail, the storage and use of fertilizer grade ammonium nitrate (FGAN) and technical grade ammonium nitrate (TGAN) as well as high profile / high value venues where aggressively deadly behavior may occur.

These complex and far-reaching threats and hazards require a collaborative community approach to preparedness, response, and recovery. Through pre-incident planning, communities can be better prepared to respond to and recover from high-consequence incidents involving crude oil, ammonium nitrate, and terrorism. During this program, participants learn and apply the Analyze, Plan, Implement and Evaluate (APIE): A Risk-Based Response Process.

The program uses a blended-approach – self-paced online learning combined with instructor-led instruction. Prerequisite online learning provides information related to the hazards of crude oil and FGAN/TGAN. In the classroom, participants learn how to develop pre-incident plans consistent with the available equipment and personnel, as well as how to respond, and recover when a high-consequence incident occurs.

Date Created: 05/14/2019


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