NEW COURSE:PER-372-W High Consequence Incidents: Crude Oil and Ammonium Nitrate

The IAFF HiC-WBT is a prerequisite to the 16-hr. instructor-led training HiC-ILT course and is designed to provide in-depth knowledge related to the hazards of crude oil, fertilizer grade ammonium nitrate (FGAN) and technical grade ammonium nitrate (TGAN). The WBT also includes a community checklist which participants will use to begin the process of developing a pre-plan for their community that will be continued in the instructor-led course. This couse allows participants to work through this large body of informationat their own pace (estimated to be 4-6 hours), as well as to prepare for the instructor-led component, High Consequence Incidents:Crude Oil and Ammonium Nitrate(PER-372).

Date Created: 05/14/2019


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