NEW COURSE: MGT-447 Managing Food Emergencies: Strategies for a Community Response

Managing Food Emergencies: Strategies for a Community Response is a management-level course that teaches participants how to manage food emergencies using the emergency operations center (EOC), Incident Command System (ICS) principles, and best management practices.

Participants will manage a fictional food emergency using the guidelines and strategies of the Incident and Unified Command systems. The scenario will advance with every module, beginning with Module 2, from the point that a foodborne outbreak is detected. The scenario will progress throughout the modules from surveillance and into the transition to recovery. In Module 7, participants will engage in an after-action discussion to assess their current preparedness for a food emergency and the value of using ICS principles and practices, and adding Emergency Management as a food emergency response partner.

Contact: First Responder Training
Date Created: 12/14/2015


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