Recertified: Cyber Security from UTSA and CJI

Twocourses developed and delivered by the Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) and sponsored by the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA):

PER-256: Comprehensive Cyberterrorism Defense (CCD) is combination of instructor led classroom lecture and hands-on computer lab applications provides participants with the expertise necessary to defend data and communication networks from cyberterrorism events.

PER-257: Cyberterrorism First Responder (CFR) focuses on emergency response to a cyber-attack that has crippled or disabled critical cyber-infrastructure. CFR combines instructor led classroom lecture with hands-on computer lab applications to prepare first responders to effectively counter a cyber-attack and restore critical infrastructure as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Contact: UTSA and CJI
Date Created: 10/15/2015


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