Cost Of Training

NTED Courses

NTED training partners deliver training no cost to the individual or the individual's jurisdiction or agency. In some circumstances, under approval from the State Administrative Agency's (SAA) State/Territory Training Point of Contact (TPOC), Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) funds may be used for overtime and backfill costs for those individuals attending NTED courses.

Training providers have a limited supply of training for each state. Occasionally, a state exhausts the "free" training that is available. In these cases, NTED has an Excess Delivery Acquisition Program (EDAP) that allows NTED training partners to charge for a course delivery when more deliveries of a requested class are needed than the grant funds can accommodate. NTED pre-approves the cost of delivering the course so that States pay only for the cost of instruction, not the curriculum development costs that were paid by NTED training grant funds. NPD Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) funds can be used to pay for the delivery of EDAP classes with the approval of the SAA TPOC.

Many of NTED's training providers offer train-the-trainer courses. Once they complete a train-the-trainer course, participants are certified to deliver that course.

State and Federal Courses

Courses included in the State or Federal Sponsored Course Catalog fall within the NTED mission scope and have been approved through an independent course review and approval process. Therefore, if the SAA/TPOC authorizes delivery of or attendance to a course in the State or Federal Sponsored Course Catalog, Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) funds can be used to reimburse the State agency or local jurisdiction for delivery of and attendance to the course.