National Training and Education System

The National Training and Education System (NTES) outlines an integrated and systematic approach that unifies training and education efforts while building national security and resilience. This system is inclusive of all communities, regardless of demographics, geography, access to resources, experience with government, crime, political activity, and economic prosperity.  The following guiding principles support the NTES: Training and education builds and sustains capabilities that address a community or organization’s priority threats and hazards;Development of individual competencies through training and education reinforces preparedness;Continual improvement of training and education programs ensures a competency base necessary for achieving security and resilience;Shared data and analysis informs requirements and decision-making; andEngaged partnerships across the whole community and through “Communities of Practice” advance training and education efforts. Through these principles, NTES enables the whole community to translate training and education needs into viable courses of action that produce successful outcomes and strengthen national preparedness.


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